About us

Joseph Ribkoff

Beginning his journey in 1957 at only 21 years old, Joseph Ribkoff has thrived as one of the leading Womenswear labels in the Canadian market. Now, a fashion pioneer guiding the trends for fashion, women and quality styles, Joseph Ribkoff continues to innovate today.

John Ferraro

CEO John Ferraro has been part of the Joseph Ribkoff Company for over 20 years, bringing the brand to the successful heights it reaches today. Presenting our brand in over 64 international markets, John has modernized Joseph Ribkoff to new platforms while staying true to the multi-dimensional needs of today's women.

Since 1957 Joseph Ribkoff has been successfully designing collections for women around the world who lead busy lifestyles. The company and collections have been constantly evolving to meet the multidimensional needs of today's women. Joseph Ribkoff stands out as one of the leading designers in Canadian fashion industry for nearly 60 years and over 64 international markets.